Soulfire 2014


Soufire 2014…

Our youth group recently returned from Soulfire 2014 in Big Bear California. It was a life changing experience for our youth and for us youth leaders. Three amazing days of fun, snow and most importantly, GOD! The speaker Gabe Hernandez did an amazing job of proclaiming God’s Word and relating to our kids. Gabe, a big, mean, tattooed looking thug of a Christian shared his life, his experiences and his love for God with our kids and it was amazing. The presence of God was head, seen and passionately felt.





Go beyond our Sunday Morning Service and join a small group.

Be a part of a small group today. Are you married, single, young, not as young, a new Christian, a seasoned vet, we have a Small Group for you. Contact us for more information and well get you connected with the right group.

Remember, Jesus was in a small group!


  1. 1.
    reasoned arguments or writings in justification of something, typically a theory or religious doctrine.
    Have you ever been asked questions about your faith but didn’t know how to respond? Did you every shy away from a conversations about your faith because you were not sure how to respond? Do you want to learn how to defend your faith and gain some confidence in sharing what you believe? Then apologetics is for you. Join us in an in-depth study of Apologetics (defending your faith).
    For more information about ongoing Apologetics classes or upcoming events contact us online or by phone.